Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I have not posted on our blog since we were traveling home from our mission 2 weeks ago in Joplin, Mo.  We arrived home safely and I went right to work and we have been very busy.  We reported our mission on the 23rd and were thrilled with all the family that came.  Unfortunately we were so busy visiting with everyone that we didn't take any pictures.  So I haven't been motivated to post anything here.  Last Saturday we traveled to Utah for Brandon's mission farewell.  We stayed at Tiff and Tonga's and were there when Tohi went to get his haircut so he could get his mission picture for his mission papers.  This is the before picture just before he went to get his haircut.
This is the after picture of Tohi with his haircut with Brandon at the party after the farewell on Sunday.  It was great farewell meeting with some beautiful singing and a very good talk given by Brandon, our departing missionary.  The dinner afterward was great with lots of food.
Brandon flanked by his Bishop and the Bishop's wife.  His home ward is one of the many Polynesian wards in the area. Note the sumptuous fare on the table including lobster, roast wiener pig and trifle.  The pig is under the tinfoil so it will stay warm.
I sat next to the Bishop on Brandon's left.  This is a picture of him getting some roast pig as we began the meal.  There was plenty of food for everyone and we had a wonderful afternoon with family and friends.
Sister Peterson with her three grandson that are about to serve missions.  Brandon will leave October 30th.  Tohi is getting his papers ready.  Derek is planning to go in the spring after spring semester.  Our fourth grandson, Joshua, is already serving in the Arkansas Little Rock Mission.  As most know, we have mostly granddaughters, whom we dearly love.  Fortunately four of our 8 grandsons were all born about the same time and they have always been good friends.  Now they are great support and strength for each other as they prepare to serve missions.
One of the big surprises when we got home was Lori and Glen's new car.  Pretty sporty for someone who's fifty?  It has been fun to be home and enjoy family and all that is going on.  We missed that while we were on our mission but we still really enjoyed it.  We have missed the mission and its blessings.  We have talked of going again when we can.  For now we are just going to enjoy our home and our family and see what the future brings.  I probably will not post here very often without any exciting going on and beginning the heavy workload of harvest in my job at the Sugar Factory.  But that remains to be seen?
Brent & Vicki Peterson  (Back at home but missing being Elder & Sister Peterson)