Sunday, January 27, 2013

On January 19, we got on the plane in Las Vegas with Lori & Glen and Gordon & Barbara Jensen and flew to Hawaii leaving behind the snow and freezing cold inversion in Idaho.  Vicki is standing next to one of the exotic tropical plants in Waimea Botanical Gardens.
The falls and pool at the head of the Waimea Gardens.  I bought the hat to protect my bald head from the sun.  I bought it a little shop and visiting with the lady at the shop, I found out she was raised in South Salt Lake and her husband was Tonga's classmate.
Sunday afternoon we stopped at this overlook where a famous battle was fought and which had a wonderful view of the windward side of the Island.  The boy in the blue shirt came up to me and asked where we went to Church.  I asked him how he knew I was a member.  He said he could see my Celestial smile through my white shirt..  His name was Jimmy and both boys were from Tahiti.  One was waiting for a call and one was ready to put his papers in.  Jimmy said he worked at the PCC and participated in the show and we told him we watch and cheer for him.  He was part of the noon river show and when we started cheering for him, he about fell off the boat.
Learning to do the male version of the Hula at the PCC.  Obviously, I did not do so well!
Grandma and her new tatoo, a great example for all her grandchildren?
Some tough guys at the Maori village, we enjoyed every show and spent the whole day at the PCC.
Lori and Vicki on the deck of the beach house where we stayed.
Landing the sea kayaks on the beach behind our house after paddling out towards the reef.  The ocean was about 50 feet from our deck.  I am taking the picture near the deck.  The weather was great with temperatures between 70 and 79.  We had some rain one night but only light showers during the day.
We stopped at this little shop to buy fresh pineapple and he prepared it for us.  He also cut the top off a green coconut and let us drink the milk with a straw.  We had a great visit and found out they were members.  Later when showing this picture to Tiff and Tonga, Tonga laughed and said this was his uncle and cousin Eddie.
We did go to the Hawaiian Temple at Laie.  Grandma forgot her recommend so the Temple President had to call our Bishop at home.  Fortunately he made connections and she was able to enter with us.  We did sealings for family names that Lori brought with her.  The Temple was very beautiful with very beautiful grounds.  The Temple was one of the highlights of the trip.
Sunday after church, we went to the Pearl Harbor Monument.  It was a fitting way to spend our Sunday afternoon contemplating all that happened there.  When we got in the launch to go out to the Arizona monument, a couple from Springdale 1st Ward came and sat down by us.  We were so surprised that it took a moment for us to realize who they were.  It just goes to show you better be on your best behavior where ever you are!  It was a great trip.  Thanks to Lori and Glen for inviting us to fill in for Cassidee and Shalae.  We have always wanted to go to Hawaii but never felt we could afford it.  With their help it became a reality.
Grampa and Grandma P. - Back in the snow and cold of Idaho.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Last week we went to BYU-I in Rexburg to help our granddaughter Alexis get settled in for School.  Sherri and Lexi flew in from Texas and we brought to Rexburg the car her Wardinsky grandparents had given her.  Lexi is deaf and only communicates by sign language and she also has Multiple Sclerosis.  Sherri came to stay for a week to help her get settled and adjusted to her classes and her roommates and the Rexburg Cold.  We really enjoyed spending a couple of days with them during the process.
Lexi has a nice room about a block from the campus.  Her view out the window behind us includes the beautiful Rexburg Temple.  The window faces the South and is great for sunshine.  It felt good to stand by it for the warmth because it was very cold outside,  in single digits I believe.
Lexi is a very sweet girl with a precious spirit.  We loved being able to spend some time with her and her mom because we rarely get to visit their home in Texas.  It was very hard to leave them knowing the challenges Lexi might face in that college environment so far from her home.  But she wanted to come and mingle with students where the Church is strong.  She would love to find a nice RM to marry and have a family.  Our hearts are with her as she bravely takes this step into the unknown.
We returned home from Rexburg to temperatures that were lower in Burley than in Rexburg.  Our magic valley area has been under an inversion for over two weeks.  It has been very cold with 6 - 8 inches of snow on the ground.  Daytime temperatures rarely get into the teens.  Night time temperatures are often single digits and sometimes below zero.  I don't believe I can remember a time while we have lived here, that the snow and cold have stayed so long.
The snow on the table, flowerpots and chairs behind our home.
The thermometer behind our house is registering just above zero, about 3 degrees Fahrenheit.  We have rarely seen the sun during this two week period  as the clouds hang low overhead, and some frosty snow drifts down everyday from those clouds.
New Year's day was pretty much when it all began.  We had heavy fog during the night and the temperatures got down to 10 degrees below zero.  Once the sun burned the fog away, the sky was such a beautiful blue and hoar frost had formed on everything.  I went outside to take a few pictures and the snow crunched loudly under my feet.  I had a hard time keeping my fingers warm and my breath formed puffs steam in the air.  It was the coldest day I have experienced in Idaho for many years.  Anyway, eat your hearts out you poor souls that live in Warmer Climes.

Grampa and Grandma P - Staying inside by the fire and getting cabin fever as we wait for global warming.