Saturday, March 24, 2012

Post MTC Trials

Picture of the couples we trained with in the lobby of the main MTC building.  We were a bit crowded for room but we were having fun.  After the picture we went to our room and packed up.  It was a somber and melanhcoly moment as we parted.  Lots of hugs and good wishes all around.

Unfortunately our opposition was just to begin. When we got to the car and opened the door, we were greeted with a terrible smell.  Upon examination we located a bottle of chocolate milk we had left in the jockey box.  In the heat it had burst and sour milk had spilled.  Sister Peterson cleaned it up as good as she could.

After unlocking the car for the second load of luggage and getting it loaded, I went to put the keys in the ignition and couldn't find them.  Searching my pockets and everywhere we had been, we couldn't find the keys.  I finally had to get out the extra set I had packed.  I was extremely frustrated.  Sister Peterson handled it well and never blurted out, "what is the matter with you?"

Unfortunately bad luck comes in threes.  We went to get the car washed and after the soak and soap cycles, we realized the right back window was down a little.  We had nice coating of soap on one of the clothes bags.  Fortunately it was plastic and no damage was done.  It was a little upsetting but we were finally able to laugh about it.  We drove to Lori's in heavy traffic and with heavy hearts.  We missed the spirituality and security of the wonderful MTC experience.  (The above picture is of the missionaries in our distict where I served as the District Leader.)

MTC Adventure #1

Were we pointing to Tennessee? Where are we really going? We had a great time at the MTC---even though Sister Peterson almost bolted on Tuesday. However, Elder Peterson (me) talked her into staying. And Elder Oaks spoke to us that night. Our favorite part was the unity we felt with the other missionary couples. Lunch and dinner wasn't bad, either. We are excited---we received permission to attend ShaLae's missionary homecoming report, and then we must hurry on to Nashville. Our bags are packed, and we are ready to go. (Good news---Sister Peterson didn't have the brightest clothes at the MTC).