Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Glade and McCoy recently came for a winter visit.  Glade had some business to do with Jonathan Price and the went on a snowmobile trip to Island Park with Jono and some other buddies.  McCoy came to experience some Idaho winter, be with his grandparents and spend some time with his cousins.  One of the days he stayed with us, He helped me prune the apple trees in the back yard.  He was so agile that he climbed right to the top beside me.  Grandma caught him starting up the tree in this picture.
One of the things he wanted to try was snowmobiling.  Here he's posing on my snowmobile in the back yard.  We did go up to Mt. Harrison and go for a short ride but he wasn't real excited about it.  I think the noise and steep hills were a little more than he expected, but he was good about at least giving it a try.  Until they came we had plenty of snow to ride on in the back yard and I think he might have had more fun doing that.  Unfortunately it had turned warmer and the snow in the fields had all melted.
One of the first requests when he arrived was, "I want to shoot the BB gun.  We did that several times and then he asked if he could shoot the real gun.  So we got out my .22 and he shot that several times.  Later he did more shooting with his dad and seemed to enjoy that.
Sunday evening we all got together for some family time before Glad and McCoy left to go back home.  Part of the evening was spent writing Valentine messages to the three missionaries serving from our Family.  It was a great evening with all our Utah family giving McCoy some great memories with his cousins and everyone enjoying a great family visit.
McCoy always enjoys being with Nia and Tayler because of the time they spent in Florida last year with us.
I don't know whose sucking it in the most but were all about out of breath.  And what about all that hair?  At least the guy in the middle doesn't have to worry about a perm!

Grampa and Grandma Peterson - Wishing ALL the family could get together more often!