Wednesday, September 18, 2013

On September 6th we went AWOL from our mission.  Fortunately we had permission to travel to Florida for McCoy's baptism.  We left Thursday after Zone meeting and traveled to Chattanooga where we met with Doug and Jenny Peoples, the people we brought into the Church when we were overseas in Georgia.
After a nice dinner and a couple hours with them we traveled on to about the halfway point in Macon, Georgia and stopped for the night.  We arrived at Glade and Amber's about 4 the next afternoon.
The baptism was Saturday and well worth the trip to be with and enjoy everyone.  McCoy was excited and full of nonsense and having a good time.
It was great to be with so much family again.  We are grateful Sherri and Geni and the girls could come for moral support.  It was a long drive for us to get there but worth it to enjoy time together.
Bexton was very good, always a happy little boy.  He took right to all of us but especially to Tayler.  By the time we left, I think Glade and Amber were wondering how they could hire her as a nanny.
Grandma had a great time with the kids too.  Princess Bentley hadn't forgot Grampa.  She made a special attempt to be like Grampa when she held the finger on her hand like Grampa's bad finger.  Then said, "See I'm like Grampa.

Elder and Sister Peterson - enjoying a little Florida R&R

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  1. Love Love Love all the pictures :) We sure do miss you guys bunches. Thank you again so much for making that long drive to be here with us for Big Macs Baptism. That was really special and we are really grateful. The kids are so lucky to have so such wonderful unconditionally loving Grandparents. You both are the best! I can't believe your mission is coming to an end already but I'm sure you are sad but excited to be getting home. We wish you safe travels and we can't wait for November and Peterson Thanksgiving!!!!