Monday, September 2, 2013

Our new district missionaries after district meeting last week.  From the left: Sister Peterson from Burley, Idaho, Sister Tenney from Tucson, Arizona, Sister Vercillo from Centerville, Utah, Elder Shiner from Fresno, California, Elder Miller from Gooding, Idaho, Elder McCray from Modesto, California, and Elder Bringhurst from someplace in Michigan.  Elder Bringhurst is another visa-waiter that is eventually headed to Brazil.  Elder Miller is our new District leader and we love him because he is a good Idaho farm boy.  Elder McCray is the only African American in the mission but he is great and handles it very well.  He is very secure in his race and is a great young elder.  Elder Shiner is a very special young man but struggles because he stutters.  He does not let it bother him and he is determined to serve faithfully.
This is the sisters car after they hit a deer.  They were able to get nearly stopped so not much damage.  We were checking it out after district meeting.  We have had some close calls with deer too.  One evening we saw a doe and a fawn out in a field.  They looked like they would run farther out in the field but I slowed way down anyway.  Just as we got close, the fawn bolted toward the road and crossed in from of us.  I skidded to a stop and missed him but if I hadn't slowed down, we would have had road kill.
This is the soybean field behind our apartment.  With all the rain we have received, it is lush and beautiful.  It is just starting to set beans.  The fuzzy little pods in the lower picture have tiny beans in them that are just starting to form.  I have been fascinated with the soybean fields this year.  Last year it was so dry that they didn't do much.  This year it looks like they will have a bumper crop.
We had a surprise tonight - September 2.  Some good friends in the branch invited us to dinner and after dinner we thought we were going with them to the nursing home to hold a Family Home Evening with one of the residents.  Our host couple stalled a little after dinner and then said they needed to stop by the Church for a minute.  They invited us in to wait inside while they made some copies.  When we started down the stairs to the basement, the lights came on and every one yelled surprise.  Many of the branch were there and the branch Family Home Evening was a surprise party to honor our 54th wedding anniversary  We were completely surprised and enjoyed the evening.  Just before posting this blog, I received an e-mail form President Andersen notifying us that we were cleared to travel to Florida for McCoy's baptism.  So it really has been a wonderful day of celebration.

Elder & Sister Peterson - 54 years, just a day in "Eternity".

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