Wednesday, September 18, 2013

You can't go to Florida without going to the beach.  It was a nice day for the beach because it was a cloudy and not too hot and we didn't worry about sunburn.  But it sure didn't take long for the sand to be in everything.  We had forgotten how intrusive the beach sand is.  It was soon in everything and not easy to wash off.
Geni and the girls had a great time at the beach.  Geni really enjoyed the water and went way out in the waves which were great because there was a little wind.
McCoy and Bentley are little fish when it comes to the water.  They go often enough that they really enjoy the beach and the waves.
The baby tenders while the rest were swimming and I was taking pictures.
While you are in Florida you have to go to Miami Beach.  One of the fun things we did while there was take the duck boat.  It is a truck that can travel and land and water.  The duck tour took us around the bay and the islands enjoying the sights and the expensive homes of the rich and famous.  Monday morning we left early for Kentucky and drove for 15 hours to get there.  The next morning we were back in missionary groove.

Elder and Sister Peterson - having fun in Florida

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